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    Gifts Linen Closeouts

    Gifts Linen Closeouts - Liquidations

    Gifts Linen Liquidations by the Box, Pallet or Truck load

    Gifts & Linen

    Table Linen Liquidations
    RS Trading will help you to save up to 80% on all types of gifts and linen. We have tabletop accessories and all sorts of gifts for home. Save when you purchase from RS Trading. We can design a mixed lot perfect for your company's needs. Call us today for more information.
    Department Store Gifts Closeouts 
    RS Trading can be your supplier of all types of department store gifts and closeouts. We can help you sell your goods and attract the customers you want. When you by from us you will be buying major department store returns and closeouts, overstock, and more.
    Tabletops Closeouts
    Let us supply you with the tabletops and mixed truckloads of gifts and merchandise for every occasion. RS Trading is the best supplier of pallets and truckloads of diverse merchandise that is beautiful and priced at a great discount! Call us for more information!
    Gifts Liquidations
    RS Trading has excellent department store quality. Let us supply you with  Closeouts, Overstock, and Liquidation Gift items at discounted prices. We carry excess quantities of merchandise at Great Buys! Great prices at amazing discounts. Call us for deals of the week.
    High End Tabletops & Linen
    If you're looking for high end name brand gifts and linen at a great price, call RS Trading today. We have gifts and tabletop accessories from major department stores and your customers will love what you have to offer! Call us today to find out how our selection can fill your inventory.


    Supplying Thousands of Businesses with Liquidation's and Closeouts from the Nations Leading Department Stores