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    Worldwide Merchandise Logistics

    Worldwide Shipping Merchandise Logistics


    • Our helpful and friendly staff will find the best logistics solution for you! Thanks to our great connections with contractors all over, we can  locate the most competitive price plan.
    • RS Trading can work with you to ship your goods in the most cost efficient way,  whether it is road, rail, pallet lots, or small boxes.
    • RS Trading Company has a business philosophy that is driven solely by our valued customers needs and priorities.
    • We always try to exceed our client needs by providing rapid, efficient, customized transportation solutions.
    • We strive to surpass our customers' expectations by offering personalized services through experienced and trained professionals.
    • We believe everyone deserves our special and customized attention! Call us today  to find out how our logistics solutions can help your business!


    Supplying Thousands of Businesses with Liquidation's and Closeouts from the Nations Leading Department Stores