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    Auto Parts Closeouts

    Auto Parts Closeouts, Liquidations Overstock

    Auto Parts by the Box, Pallet or Truck load

    Auto Parts, Accessories Liquidations
    Choose RS Trading as your preferred supplier of Auto Parts wholesale merchandise! We have an extensive selection of overstock and closeout loads of all types of auto merchandise! We carry wheel covers, seat covers, mats, interior accessories and more. Call today!

    Wholesale Fluids, Wipers, Belts, plugs
    We also carry truck load mixes of auto parts and accessories that retailers need to stock their stores! We have auto fluids and car parts such as wipers, belts, jacks, and plugs! You'll find a great selection of auto parts and accessories at the price you are looking for!

    Tires Closeouts Clearance
    Save on your bulk purchases of Auto Parts with RS Trading. Our warehouses are stocked with a great selection of auto parts for some of the most popular car makers around the world. We stock parts for Ford, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan, and more!
    Oil Lube / Filters Closeouts
    Call us to receive an updated product list of the auto parts and accessories your clients will clamor to have. We sell a great variety of pallets that are full of different auto parts and accessories, including everything from tires and wheels to aftermarket accessories.
    Auto Parts by the Truck Load
    We have a huge selection of auto parts that can be sold by the pallet or truckload. We stock a great mixture of all types of surplus loads that can include air filters, shocks, struts, cams, pumps, pads, bearings and much more! Email or call us and find out more about our awesome deals.


    Supplying Thousands of Businesses with Liquidation's and Closeouts from the Nations Leading Department Stores